from William MCLEOD

William MCLEOD (-1806 in Stotfield Disaster, boat 1, with his son John)

m.Janet MCQUEEN (Queenie)

1.William MCLEOD (1793-1880 in Commerce Street), 1st

m.Isabella STEWART (1833-1887)

1.James MCLEOD (1819-1873)

m.Jane SOUTER (1819)

1.Ann MCLEOD (1840-1917 in 37 James Street)


2.Helen MCLEOD (1845-1917 in 3 Seatown)

m.John SOUTER (1847-1932 in 3 Seatown)

3.James Weir MCLEOD (1847-1924 in 23 Argyle Street)

m.Margaret THOMSON

4.John MCLEOD (1849)

5.Jane MCLEOD (1854-1856)

2.William MCLEOD (1823 in Lossie-1896), 1st

m.Isabella X1 STEWART (1822 in Lossie-1877 in 28 Commerce Street)

1.William MCLEOD (1849 in Lossie-1920 in 24 Commerce Street)

m.Mary Ann GARDEN

2.John MCLEOD (1850 in Lossie)


3.Ann MCLEOD (1854 in Lossie-1918 in 6 off Kinneddar Street)

m.William STEWART

4.James MCLEOD (1856 in Lossie)

5.Alexander MCLEOD (1859 in Lossie-1921 in 20 Commerce Street)

m.1881 in Commerce Street Jessie SMITH

1.William MCLEOD (1883 in Lossie)

2.James MCLEOD (1886 in Lossie)

m.Helen STEWART (Straichey)

1.Janet MCLEOD (Jessie)

2.Helen Cordiner MCLEOD (Nellie)(-1995 in Mavisbank,

Dunbar Street Perished in fire which destroyed the


3.Alexander MCLEOD (Sandy)

3.Joseph MCLEOD (1892 in Lossie)

4.George MCLEOD (1897 in Lossie)

5.Alexander George MCLEOD Gold miner?

6.Alvin MCLEOD (1901 in Lossie)

6.Jessie MCLEOD (1863 in Lossie)

m.James STEWART (Straichey)

7.Isabella MCLEOD (1868)

m.Daniel STEWART

m.(2) Ann EDWARD

3.Christina MCLEOD (1833)

4.Margaret MCLEOD (1837)

5.Ann MCLEOD (1840)

m.(2) Ann EDWARD (1796-1867)

2.Jean MCLEOD (1806)

m.Alexander MAIN

3.John MCLEOD (-1806 in Stotfield Disaster, boat 1, with his father.)

m.Elspeth EDWARDS (1781)

1.William MCLEOD (1806 in Stotfield-1873)

m.Christina INNES (1806 in Drainie)

1.Margaret MCLEOD (1821)

2.John MCLEOD (1826 His second wife), 1st

m.Jessie COWIE (1850 in Bck His second wife)

1.John MCLEOD (1879)

m.(2) Mary JOHNSTON (1817 His third wife-1875)

3.James MCLEOD (1827-1888 in Seatown)

m.Jessie STEWART

1.Margaret MCLEOD (1852-1932 in 77 Q St), 1st

m.xxx COWE

m.(2) 1878 Charles Luis LEIBNITZ


2.John MCLEOD (1853)

m.Catherine EDWARDS (1854)

3.William MCLEOD (1856-1936 in 3 John Street)

m.1879 Jane SOUTER

4.William MCLEOD (1829-1892 in Drowned in the Harbour), 1st

m.not known

m.(2) Ann EDWARD (1847)

5.Alexander MCLEOD (1831)

6.George MCLEOD (1833)

7.Christina MCLEOD (1838)

m.Hendry SOMMERS Sailor, Merchant Service (1838 in Holstein)

1.Hendry SOMMERS Engineer on drifter (1873 in Stotfield-


m.Margaret XXX (1873-1930 in 47 Clifton Road)

8.Joseph MCLEOD (1840)

9.Peter MCLEOD (1843)

2.Another son MCLEOD