from William SCOTT

William SCOTT Sailor and Teacher (1782-1824)

m.Christina YOUNG (1780 in Lossie-1857 in Lossie)

1.Margaret SCOTT (1804-1870 in Lossie)

m.John FLETT (-1903 in Stotfield Road)

1.Mary FLETT (1832 in Findochty-1912 in 32 Commerce Street), 1st

m.Alexander HENDRY

m.(2) 1859 Andrew MCINTOSH

2.Margaret FLETT (1834-1839)

3.William FLETT (1836)

4.Ann FLETT (1838 in Lossie)

m.James DAWSON Cooper (1839 in Macduff)

1.Margaret DAWSON (1863 in Duffus)

2.Ann DAWSON (1867 in Lossie)

3.John DAWSON (1874-1874 in 12 Baker Street)

5.Margaret FLETT (1840 in Lossie)

m.James BRUCE

6.John FLETT (1846 in Lossie-1911 in 2 King Street), 1st

m.Isabella RALPH

1.John FLETT (1867)

2.Margaret FLETT (1870)

3.William FLETT (1875)

4.James FLETT (1877)

5.Alexander FLETT (1879)

6.Mary FLETT (1885)

m.(2) Margaret JAPPY (1847-1895 in sea, drowned, West Beach)

7.James FLETT (1851-1895 in R Tyne off the Maggie Flett)

m.Margaret CAMPBELL (1852 in Portessie)

1.James FLETT (1876 in Macduff)

2.James FLETT (1876 in Macduff)

3.Margaret FLETT (1878 in Lossie)

4.Mary FLETT (1880 in Lossie)

5.William FLETT (1881-1883 in Queen Street)

6.Alexander FLETT (1885)

7.William FLETT (1887)

2.John SCOTT Fisherman (1808 in Portessie-1884 in Stotfield Unmarried)

3.William SCOTT Fisherman (1812 in Lossie-1875 in crushed by his own boat

as he and his wife tried to prop her up at the end of the season)

m.1831 in Lossie Ann STEWART (1813-1898)

1.John SCOTT (1833 in Lossie-1875 in Fell fron the quay near Clifton


m.Elspeth STEWART (Stretchey)(1833-1866 in 11 Kinneddar Street)

1.William SCOTT (1853-1917 in 7a High Street)

m.1901 Margaret ALLAN (1855 in Buckie-1911 in 11a High Street)

1.John SCOTT (1874)

m.1898 Margaret Ann MURRAY

1.James SCOTT (1908-1908 in 66 Queen Street)

2.Allan SCOTT (1911)

m.1934 Helen DONALDSON

2.William SCOTT (1876)

m.Jess Ann SOUTER (1874)

1.Maggie SCOTT (1903)

m.1925 Thomas Brander CAMPBELL (1901)

2.William SCOTT (1905-1905 in 26 Commerce Street 1 day


3.William SCOTT (1906-1906 in 26 Commerce Street also

1 day old)

4.Elsie SCOTT (1913)

m.1933 Hugh HENDERSON Painter

5.Mary SCOTT (1916)

m.1933 John Barrett THOMSON Musician at Bishopmill


3.Elsie Ann SCOTT (1878)

m.1904 in 7a Baker Street George CORDINER (1873 in


4.Margaret SCOTT (1879)

m.1906 in 7 Baker Street William MACDOUGAL (1870 in


5.Susan SCOTT (1882)

6.Jane SCOTT (1884)

7.Alexander SCOTT (1886)

m.1912 in 7 High Street Isabella Beatrice ALLAN (1888 in


1.Margaret Isabella Allan SCOTT (1915-1918 in 7a High


8.Christina SCOTT (1888)

9.George SCOTT (1890)

10.James SCOTT (1894-1899)

11.JessAnn SCOTT (1896)

m.1916 in 7 Kinneddar Street Alexander STEWART

2.James SCOTT (1855)

m.1880 Margaret SCOTT (German Cousins)(1858)

1.John SCOTT (1880-1887 in 46 Queen Street Meningitis)

2.Janet SCOTT (1883-1884)

3.John SCOTT (1856-1870)

4.Alexander SCOTT (1859)

m.Isabella GAULT

1.John SCOTT (1882)

m.1908 in 6 Argyle Street Margaret MCLEOD

2.Mary SCOTT (1882)

m.1919 in 57B Commerce Street John SOUTER (1891)

3.Jeannie SCOTT (1885-1915 in 38 Commerce Street)

m.1912 in 6 Argyle Street James SMITH (1884 in Hopeman)

4.James SCOTT (1890)

m.1919 in 59A Commerce Street Margaret C GARDEN (1890)

5.Peter SCOTT (1862)

6.George Thomson SCOTT (1863-1931)

m.1881 Annie MAIN (1861-1904 in 7 Kinneddar Street)

1.John SCOTT (1882-1883)

2.George Thomson SCOTT (1884)

m.Isabella Jane SMITH (1885)

3.Elspeth SCOTT (1886-1951)

4.James SCOTT (1888)

m.Jamesina CORDINER (1889)

5.Christina Thomson SCOTT (Teenie)(1891)

m.Charles MCKENZIE (1889)

6.John SCOTT (1892-1917 in France, Seaforths)

7.Jess Ann SCOTT (1896)

m.Alexander STEWART (1891 in Buckpool)

7.Ann SCOTT (1865)

m.1886 Alexander MCLEOD (1863)

8.Joseph SCOTT (1866-1887 in sea, when the Invincible foundered

with all hands)

9.John SCOTT (1866-1887 in at sea with Joseph)

10.Benjamin SCOTT (1872)

m.1892 Jane MCLEOD (1871)

1.John SCOTT (1893-1894 in 1 Victoria Street)

2.Isabella SCOTT (1894)

3.John SCOTT (1899)

2.Christina SCOTT (1836 in Lossie-1904 in 7 Kinneddar St, Lossie)

m.1858 in Lossie George THOMSON (1834 in Buckie-1888)

3.William SCOTT (1837 in Lossie-1867 in sea, drowned.)

m.1860 Helen COWIE (1840-1926 in 1 Mitchell Street)

1.Ann SCOTT (1861)

m.1880 in Cooks Place Joseph MITCHELL (1856)

2.John SCOTT (1862)

m.1885 in King Street Maria CORMACK (Marion)(1864 in Buckie)

1.William SCOTT (1886-1887)

2.Helen Cormack SCOTT (1888)

3.John SCOTT Joiner (1890)

m.Catherine Garden WOOD (1887)

4.Barbara SCOTT (1891-1892 in 4 Off Commerce Street)

5.Joseph SCOTT (1893)

6.William RC SCOTT Chemists Apprentice (1897-1917 in Ypres)

7.James Gault SCOTT (1900-1902 in Off Commerce Street)

8.Alexander SCOTT (1902)

3.Margaret SCOTT (1865)

m.James GAULT

4.William SCOTT (1866-1868)

4.Isabella SCOTT (1839)

5.Jane SCOTT (1840)

6.Ann SCOTT (1842)

m.1860 Joseph MITCHELL

7.Joseph SCOTT (1847-1904 in Body found in an open boat, 2m East of

Lossie by his nephew, William of 7A Commerce St), 1st

m.1867 in Lossie Janet SLATER (1848)

1.William SCOTT (1869-1887 in foundering of the Invincible)

2.James SCOTT (1871)

3.Ann SCOTT (1872-1872)

4.John SCOTT (1876)

5.George SCOTT (1880-1881 in 7 Shore Street)


m.(2) Christina MCKENZIE

8.Alexander SCOTT (1856-1887 in Drowned by the foundering of the

fishing-boat Invincible, 40 miles off Orkney, all 9 crew lost)

m.1875 in 17 King St Lossie Jane SOUTER (1855)

1.William SCOTT (1877)

m.1906 Jessie REID (1877)

2.Alexander SCOTT (1879)

3.George SCOTT (1880-1881)

4.Ann SCOTT (1883)

5.John SCOTT (1884-1885 in 2 Kinneddar Street)

6.John SCOTT (1887)

9.John SCOTT (1857-1870)

4.James SCOTT Various, including bookseller, also Evangelist (1813 in

Buckie-1890 in Stotfield, Lossie)

m.Janet MCLEOD (1817 in Seatown-1906 in Paradise Row)

1.Christina SCOTT (1839-1928 in 9 John Street)

m.1863 John CROCKETT (1837 German Cousins-aft.1928)

1.Jane CROCKETT (1867)

m.1894 in Stotfield Robert MITCHELL (1866)

2.James CROCKETT Sail and Ropemaker (1868)

2.William SCOTT (1840-1917 in 29 Queen Street)

m.1867 in Lossie Isabella MITCHELL (1840-1918 in 29 Queen Street)

1.Jessie SCOTT (1868-1888)

2.Isabella SCOTT (1871)

m.1895 in 5 Mitchell Street John MAIN (1869)

3.James SCOTT (1873)

4.Barbara Ann SCOTT (1876)

m.1900 William MAIN (1874)

5.John SCOTT (1878 in Fraserburgh)

6.William SCOTT (1880 in Lossie)

7.Alexander SCOTT Tailor (1883-1906 in 5 Mitchell Street TB


3.James SCOTT (German Cousins)(1842-1886 in 3 Baker St Lossie)

m.1865 in Lossie Ann EDWARDS (1842)

1.Jessie SCOTT (1866)

m.1895 George STEWART (1868)

2.James SCOTT (1870)

m.1898 Elspeth STEWART (1873)

3.William SCOTT (1871)

m.1901 in Off Commerce Street Margaret REID (1868)

4.James SCOTT (1875)

5.Jane SCOTT (1881-1903 in 38B Commerce Street)

4.Ann SCOTT (1844-1928 in Stotfield)

m.1866 Charles STEWART (1845-1908 in 10 Clifton Road, Lossie)

5.Janet SCOTT (1846-1939)

6.Jane SCOTT (1849)

m.1873 William MCKENZIE (1849)

7.John SCOTT (1850-1876 in sea Washed overboard from the Pearl)

8.Margaret SCOTT (1855-1856 in Stotfield, Lossie)

9.Alexander SCOTT (1856-1856 in Stotfield, Lossie)

10.James SCOTT (1857-1880 single)

11.Margaret SCOTT (1858)

m.1880 in Lossie James SCOTT (See Above)(1855 German Cousins)

1.John SCOTT (1880-1887 in 46 Queen Street Meningitis)

2.Janet SCOTT (1883-1884 in 46 Queen Street)

12.Alexander SCOTT (1861-1920)

5.Janet SCOTT (1814 in Lossie-1898 in 20 Commerce St Lossie)

m.William STEWART (Stretchey)(1816 in Aberdeen-1878 in Kinneddar St Lossie)

1.Peter inter al STEWART


1.James inter al STEWART

m.Catherine STEWART (Katie Loll)

1.Donald et al STEWART

m.Ann Adie LOGAN (Anita)

1.Alistair STEWART

m.Jacqueline CRAWFORD

6.Jane SCOTT (1822-1899 in Shore Street)

m.John MITCHELL (1820-1875 in 1 Mitchell St Lossie)

1.Joseph MITCHELL (1856)

2.ELizabeth MITCHELL (1866-1866)

3.Six others MITCHELL

7.Another SCOTT